Pancodemakes: The Work of Marlon "Pancode" Jones


Hey there! I'm Marlon, an Artist, Graphic Designer and Android-Focused Programmer with a passion for art, tech and racing! Here you can find a lot of my work and links to where you can see them more up close. Wanna commission me for work? Then check the links in the Contact section below! I have been an artist for several years now with a degree from UAB in Studio Art. Generally, I love branding and logo work for Graphic Design, as well as motorsports liveries and other branding work. For artwork, I mainly enjoy abstract illustrations and character illustrations, but can branch out into other areas as well! I also stream artwork and Sim Racing occasionally on Twitch!

General artwork

Here are examples of my more general artwork, which is an abstract style inspired by early 90s/2000s street art and graffiti, some of which was featured at the 44th UAB Student Art Exhibition

Character Illustrations

Here are examples of my more character focused illustrations. Most of my character artwork focuses either on anthropomorphic/"furry" or human characters, but can branch out into other subject types as well.

design work

For design, I am mostly trained in branding from my education at UAB as well as my own freelance/commission work. Recently, I have been taking my love for Graphic Design and applying them to the world of Sim Racing by making motorsports liveries

Contact & social

Here you can find my social links! Wanna commission me or talk further? Then email me either at (prefered), to get started! Or click the Commissions button at the top to go to my Trello board with all information!